SMOFcon 18

A collection of pictures taken November 30 – December 4, 2000,
features the launch of Space Shuttle mission STS-97 and
SMOFcon 18 in Coca Beach, Florida

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Ron Jon Surf Shop
in Coca Beach, FL

Launch of Endeavor
November 30, 2000
10:06 pm

Photo #2
magnified 650%

Photo #2 "tweaked"
with Adobe Photoshop
(if you believe that, I
have some tunnels
in Baltimore to sell)

Saturn V
First Stage

Launch Pad LC-39B
photographed from
Apollo/Saturn V Center

Bob MacIntosh and
Danny Lieberman
under a Space
Shuttle mockup

Astronaut Memorial

Astronaut Memorial

Astronaut Memorial

Rocket Garden

Jim Mann

Lew Wolkoff

Todd Dashoff
getting grilled

Mark Olson and
Tom Whitmore

The beach behind the
Holiday Inn Coca Beach

Joe Siclari

The Saturday night
BBQ the Bidders event

Peggy Rae Sapienza

Erik Olson, Judy
Bemis, and Elspeth
Kovar (no idea why
Erik looks so stricken)

Peter Jarvis and son

Andrew A. Adams and
Margaret Austin [?]

Priscilla Olson and
Leslie Turek [?]

Perrianne Lurie, Joni
Dashoff, and Gay
Ellen Dennett [?]

Kent Bloom and
Mary Morman

Joe Siclari, Scott
Dennis, and
Jane Dennis

Seth Breidbart, Geri
Sullivan, and
Tom Whitmore

Tom Veal explaining
the electoral college...
or giving a Chicon 2000
status report

Todd Dashoff

Deb Geisler

Ben Yalow (with
Hope Leibowitz in
the background)


Vincent Docherty

Sandra Childress, Christian
McGuire, and Bobbi
Armbruster (with Joe
Siclari) launch the
L.A. in 2006 bid

Yes, I know more names... but I'm too lazy right now to finish the captions.

Michael Nelson, Updated January 16, 2001